riva Massimiliano e Carlotta, 15 34151 Grignano (Trieste)

Telefono: 040224424

Fax: 040224439

Montereale Valcellina

Via Volta, 27 – Malnisio di Montereale Valcellina (PN)

Telefono: 0427798722

Montereale Valcellina [IG]

Via Manzoni, 15 – 33086 Malnisio di Montereale Valcellina (PN)

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Via Vittorio Veneto, 31 33170 Torre di Pordenone

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via dei Molini, 32 33010 Adegliacco, Comune di Tavagnacco (UD)

Telefono: 0432571797 • prenotazioni: 040224424

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dida centre immaginario didattico

Adegliacco’s mill is located along Udine’s canal, and hosts the visitor centre called Dida Centre Immaginario Didattico and the first “ How To Write The Perfect College Application Essay scientific garden” of Friuli Venezia Giulia named “A park to think – an outdoor scientific imaginarium” in the nearby green area.

Adegliacco’s Immaginario Didattico is a science education centre organises thematic workshops and special visits for schools, whereas on the last Sunday of each month the centre is open to visitors and families.

In addition to that, at weekends Immaginario Didattico organises edutainment activities for children:

A whole night at the museum with construction activities, games, free exploration of exhibits and an exciting meeting with a famous scientist of the past…then everybody goes to sleep in their sleeping bags.

The museum also organises several activities for schools, such as:

  • GUIDED VISITS to the mill and its well-restored machinery, as well as free visits in the green area in front of the building, the “Park to think” which hosts an outdoor museum on optical reflection, geometry and mathematics, with a set of mirrors and big exhibits which are nice to look at and pleasant to touch, to study and to discover..
  • How To Revise An Essay DEMONSTRATIONS AND EXPERIMENTAL ACTIVITIES: the Dida Centre provides a broad range of workshops to arouse curiosity about science through informal education activities. By using common objects and simple experimental equipment, 6 to 18 year olds can learn different scientific topics such as Earth sciences, palaeontology, ecology, chemistry, biology, physics, natural sciences, technology and nutrition.
  • Apa Formatting Research Paper ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN: on Mondays the Science Centre is fully dedicated to 3-5 year-old children. In addition to guided tours, they can take part in edutainment activities specifically designed for them.
  • NAVIS: the Science Centre comes to you directly in your school, with workshops organized to be held in class, to stimulate group work.
  • IMAGINABLE: museum tours and workshops targeting the disabled.

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Dida Centre dell’Immaginario Scientifico
via dei Molini, 32
33010 Adegliacco, Comune di Tavagnacco (UD)
tel. 0432 571797 / 040 224424

Open on booking for groups (040 224424 from 9 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.)

How much
Depending on the number of participants and on the type of visit requested



how to reach us

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Tavagnacco Education Centre is located in Adegliacco, via dei Molini 32.
If you come from Udine take via Nazionale until the roundabout facing the Metro Store and take the exit to via della Chiesa leading to Adegliacco. Take via della Chiesa until – after about 500m – you reach a small roundabout crossing via Centrale; turn left to Cavalicco and after a while turn left into via dei Molini. Take via dei Molini and go straight on for three hundred meters.
If you come from the motorway A23 take the exit Udine Nord. Follow the signs to Tavagnacco, turn into viale Venezia (SS13) and go straight on until you reach via Vittorio Alfieri (signs to Tavagnacco and Centro Commerciale Friuli), then turn right. Carry on until the roundabout facing the Metro Store and take the exit to Adegliacco turning into via della Chiesa. Then go straight on as explained above.