geo centre immaginario geografico

In 2008, the former dairy of Malnisio di Montereale Valcellina was turned into the Geo Centre Immaginario Geografico (IG), an innovative interactive and multimedia centre focusing on geography, landscape and environmental issues.

Located just a few hundred metres from the Museo della Centrale & Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico, the Geo Centre consists of three rooms whose floor is covered with giant high-definition orthophotos of the area of Malnisio, Valcellina and the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. All the people making trips in this area should visit the centre: through big interactive boards visitors can interact with maps, places, mountains and lakes “touching” the areas and choosing their itineraries.

Also, they can walk on the orthophotos with comfortable slippers to recognise, rediscover, look and get to know the area, the region and our planet in a different way.
The tools of the old dairy production plant are scattered here and there between maps and exhibits: they are small and big objects telling the exciting adventure of the dairy and the people working there.


28 giugno 2008 – inauguration day: before the ceremony in power station, then visiting IG


Geo Centre Immaginario Geografico & Centro di documentazione ex latteria di Malnisio
Via Manzoni, 15 – 33086 Malnisio di Montereale Valcellina (PN)
tel. 0427 797064 / 040 224424

Open on booking for groups (040 224424 from 9 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.)

How much
Depending on the number of participants and on the type of visit requested


The museum also organises several activities for schools, such as:

GUIDED VISITS and theme tours for school groups to discover the local and regional area with orthophotos.
DEMONSTRATIONS AND EXPERIMENTAL ACTIVITIES: the Science Centre provides a broad range of workshops to arouse curiosity about science through informal education activities. By using common objects and simple experimental equipment, 6 to 18 year olds can learn different scientific topics, such as Earth sciences, ecology, chemistry and nutrition.
NAVIS: the Science Centre comes to you directly in your school, with workshops organized to be held in class, to stimulate group work.
IMAGINABLE: museum tours and workshops targeting the disabled.

how to reach us


Malnisio is located along the road called Pedemontana Occidentale (SP29 – SR464) between Aviano and Maniago.
If you come from Pordenone, follow the road SR251 and take SP19 after San Martino di Campagna.
If you come from the motorway A28 Portogruaro-Conegliano take the exits Cimpello or Porcia. Take the road SR13 until you reach the crossroads with a traffic light between SR13 e SR251 and turn into via Montereale (SR251).
If you come from Udine, follow the road SR464 towards Spilimbergo – Maniago until you reach Maniago. Then follow the signs to Montereale Valcellina.