A new generation science museum, where you learn by doing.


The museum uses original exhibition techniques and innovative animation methods, thus becoming part of the ‘new generation museums’ or ‘science centres’ of the Anglo-Saxon school. The typical methods of a traditional museum are revolutionised: from a place devoted to the preservation and exhibition of objects and instruments, the museum becomes a lively, modern and informal place.

Thanks to the interactive stations, the hands-on exhibits (on display not only to be observed, but also and above all to be touched and handled) the visitor activates, manipulates and experiments, to build his or her own personal experience and to discover, to marvel at and to understand some of the most interesting phenomena and concepts of science.

The museum is inspired by its founder, Prof. Paolo Budinich, and is committed to observing ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums.

The cooperative society

The Laboratorio dell’Immaginario Scientifico (LIS) is a non-profit cooperative society, established in 1997, with statutory aims in the field of dissemination of scientific and technological culture.

In addition to entirely designing and setting up its own museums (interactive routes and museum environments), LIS, thanks to the experience it has gained over the years and to the increasing level of specialisation of its staff, also works in the field of designing and setting up temporary events and other museum venues.



Make science accessible to all, no one excluded.


A society in which citizens can participate with awareness.